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Drop Dead Chocolates - Best name for a chocolate company ever!

August 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Recently, (after sending about a million boxes of these chocolates to other people) Jonathan from Drop Dead Chocolates sent me a box of my very own to munch on.


Let me tell you a little about Drop Dead Chocolates, they were founded by Jonathan in 2012 following the success of Perception Presentation Chocolates who have been supplying bespoke luxury chocolates and confectionery to the country's leading hotels and restaurants for over 20 years. Drop Dead Chocolates have previously won the Small Business Sunday (SBS) award, run by Theo Paphitis (my favourite dragon, for the record) and I have had many twitter chats with Jonathan over the past couple of years, and obviously sent many boxes of chocolates to friends and clients alike.


I have also seen a few discounts on their twitter and facebook pages, so go on, give them a like?


Now, like I say, I have sent out these chocolates to many people and have always had them come back saying they are the best chocolates they've eaten - now that's a pretty strong recommendation to me!  Firstly, in their favour they fit through my letterbox, I hate having to go to the Post Office to retrieve parcels personally, and my postie seems to always assume I am not in (even though I work from home most of the time!). When I opened them I was greeted by an array of gorgeous smells and lovely packaging and, well, like I say, get yourself over to the website and buy some because they taste even better than they look! I managed to keep hold of them long enough to take a couple of pictures of them but I repeat, GO AND BUY SOME! You really do need them in your life!


Thankyou again Jonathan for the chocolates, if you ever need me to scoff some more, I mean photograph some more, do shout up!



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