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Red Shoe Workshop

June 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

If you know me, you know I feel like I can never stop learning, so I attend workshops when I can. To me, it helps my photography, gives me new ideas and also lets you network a whole new set of people you would never have met (Hi everyone!)

I managed to get a place on Sarah from Red Shoe's Workshop this Monday (20th) and because it was such a small group I felt I learnt SO much! (Sorry if I talked too much guys!)

I got there (a little late, stupid rain, motorways and satnav!) and we listened to Sarah tell us about how she works, she was absolutely enchanting, her love for her work shines through every pore of her skin, she enthused me just by talking, while Mandy did hair and makeup for the shoot. We moved on to our gorgeous model Gemma and Sarah taught us posing techniques, and also how to make our client feel less nervous.

This wasn't your usual kind of boudoir shoot, with pants and bra's and looking all sexy, this was about making the client feel sexy within herself, whatever she fancied wearing, and how to help someone to feel comfortable. We ran over mirroring posing techniques and I really got a fee for how Red Shoe works.

We had a little lunch (and I had more tea, I really do drink a lot of tea...) and then Gemma changed into a 70's style, festival kind of outfit and Sarah popped up a matching background.

This was the point where we got one-to-one posing training from Sarah, with Gemma and to me it felt invaluable. I hadn't even thought about mirroring my movements with the person I was photographing before but it gave great results (see pics below)

I have since popped out a request for people to come and do an "anti-boudoir" project with me, I think a personal project keeps you thinking and helps you progress as a photographer.

So, a bit Thankyou to Sarah from Red Shoe, to Mandy for the amazing makeup and also to Gemma for being brilliant to photograph!




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