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Happy #worldbookday Everyone!

March 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Ah, World Book Day, where parents struggle to dress their children as a character from a book (some only realising they needed to do this the night before and having to rush around like a crazy person!) The quickly thrown together costumes and also the amazing costumes, I have seen them all on Social Media today, and loved every one of them. I have seen a lot of Harry Potter's!

I wish they had World Book Day when I was at school, if I had to do it now I would dress as Lemony Snicket or Meg from Meg and Mog, as these are my favourite childhood books. I love books, I have a whole library in my house and books everywhere! I was a happy child if I had a book in my hand.

I never thought I would be one of those people who read books on their ipad/kindle, but, it's a lot lighter than carrying twenty books in your hand luggage every holiday - although I do still buy the hard copies of the books too, does anyone else do this?

Anyway, Happy World Book Day whatever you are dressing up as or reading today, here's a picture from a fairytales shoot I did with The Princess and The Pea, which I used to love as a child.



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