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What do I actually do?

January 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes I wonder where my time goes, first thing in the morning I answer the enquiry emails I get daily, I get on average around 3-5 enquiries daily. After my holiday I got 65! That'll teach me to go away for 3 weeks eh!

I then send out brochures to all of the couples who have requested them. Occasionally I walk to the Post Office but not in this sort of crazy wind and rainy weather!

I then get to looking around social media, my twitter and my facebook pages to see if there's anyone I can help on there.

I then get down to a bit of editing, or if I am working I skip all of the above and get out to the shoot. Currently this is the quieter end of the wedding season so I have time to breathe, a perfect time for me to update my website, attend a few styled shoots or courses, and spend time with my friends and family. I do love having lunch, catching up and eating cake!

I often work for other people and companies, photographing portraits, events and pretty much anything they want me to!

I always try to make some time to visit suppliers and try and network within my area, referrals are always the best way of getting new business.

I also drink a lot of tea, and eat many biscuits...

Here's a couple of pictures of me working, I sometimes do some, honest! (pics by Adam Robertson)




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