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Pixieset and a First Birthday Party

September 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have never used anything to show people my pictures before other than Dropbox. Then I came across Pixieset via another photographer that had been using it a while and signed up for my free trial. Pixieset allows photographers to share, deliver, proof and sell online, all in one place. It gives you a gallery for each of your clients and you can try it out for free, the monthly subscriptions are pretty reasonable too, starting at $8 (@ £5.20) per month.

As it was my nephew Bean's First Birthday Party and such a lot of people wanted to view the pictures and buy prints I thought I would test it out on that event. It was really easy to set up and add my card details, I chose the Loxley option as I have used them for prints previously and always been really happy with the quality and service. I sent the ink to my sister and she was really happy with it and intends to send it out to people.

I think people want professional quality images if a professional photographer has taken the pictures, cheap printing places do exactly that, cheap printing, quality printing really is a different level, I would like to think people understand the difference in quality, and with prints from Loxley starting at £3 who can grumble at those prices right?

Here is a picture of the Birthday Boy himself just as I took a picture of him with his awesome Birthday Cake, he whipped off the candle and started waving it around with a massive smile on his face, who could stop him then!




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