Why I became a photographer.

September 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I  have loved photography since I was very young and can remember taking all sorts of silly and wonderful pictures of my day to day life back then, oh to be back there again eh!

I started out with a Fisher Price Children's camera back in the 1970's and also loved my View Master, looking through a viewfinder at secret pictures was my favourite thing. I then moved along to a Micro 110 and then a Snappit, both had a selection of colours, again pestering my whole family for a photograph of whatever they were doing! My grandparents then got me a "proper" camera, a Kodak Pocket Instamatic 100, I then spent the rest of my childhood snapping happily away until it fell apart.

Here's one of my early photographs, I think I have improved slightly since then...

Currently I use Nikon cameras and love the versatility of changing lenses and fiddling with the settings to get the result I want. My current photography interests are styled food shoots, I am a keen cook and love food. I can often be found digging around charity shops and antiques fairs looking for random stuff or buying weird and wonderful things for 99p on eBay!

I am also a qualified and insured makeup artist, I use this for portraits, makeovers and boudoir photography.



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